Cabo Clasico Day One

Good first day. Supposed to start at 8, breaky started at 7, so a hustle to get to beach on time. Half way there, realized forgot camera, doubled back 30 yards, reversed and continued toward beach, realized today may be the only good day, doubled back again, reversed after 20 yards, continued on to beach, a 40 minute walk from Tesoro, up and over to Lovers. Carry the damn camera all the way down here and forget it the first day. Classic Tex
Waited till 9 to start as one person in every heat was missing until then. Some had been told to be there 8:30, others 9.
Max in first heat, showed up and we started. Whaaa, I’m up now? Didn’t look like much until they started and then it began to look pretty good. Max did very well, his Hawaiian experiences serving him well. Likewise Teddy was animated and on fire, really pumped up, gesticulating wildly if you take my drift. Johnny Weber is a level above them all so far. Jack pulled off the highest score of the day with a soaring aerial rail grab westyloop landing it square on the water, I have never seen that before.
Amateurs started at 11:30 and I stepped down to watch from the rocks. Sat with Mike the photog for a while and he did a mini interview with Johnny Weber and I. Nice to exclaim our mutual stoke about joining Vic. He told the most amazing story about meeting his girl in an airport in Puerto Rico I believe, and discovering they were both from Delaware. Beyond coincidence is how he put it. She’s a keeper, and he knows it which is tough when you’re only 22.
Started back around 1:30 with the plan to reconvene at Solmar if conditions were acceptable. Wind had held off all morning but moved in at that point and contest was put off until tomorrow at 7:30. Which is going to make getting breakfast interesting. I will have to grab something on the way.
While hanging at the hot tub at Solmar, I had a small plate of buffalo wings, a smoothie, and a XX for 456 pesos, or $26. But, I did have great conversations with Jared and a long one with Yasmin Andrade about marketing. She is working for XCEL wetsuits, a division of Billabong which is looking to sell XCEL to someone else now. She has BOTS, such as Umi and follow-likes which run automatically to reach out to all the connecting elements of Facebook, Instagram, and hashtags, even sending automatic comments like peace sign, heart, and something else to trigger the other person to click and see who the heck commented on their post. Pretty interesting. She’s not getting paid but has quite a wetsuit collection now. She offered to help us if we wanted.
I asked Fabianna to send you a photo Matthieu, so I hope that comes thru because I got nothing worthy with my cell phone from the judges umbrella. I had forgotten how tough judging is. Three judges, Diego, and Alfredo Jr., and I. Alfredo daughter Arena shooting pictures. So named by her mother, a marine biologist, under the inspiration of schrooms. Arena meaning sand, so I may have misspelled that.
Ran into Nick I at the pool and his son Josh who I totally didn’t recognize, asking Nick, Hey I know that guy, whats his name. Classic Tex.

Thanks to Laguna SoCal for the pictures (top 2) and Tex (bottom 2) 

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