How to wrap a wave, with Teddy Vlasis

Little choppy conditions for this Saturday Session, but some clean ones came through. Teddy was present and Tex shot this beautiful sequence of Teddy that is just perfect to analyse a good “wrap”.



As you get closer to the wave, group your body, bend your knees and a lot of people slightly touch the water with their back hand to initiate the upcoming turn. The back foot should be placed as far back on the board as possible.

Going up the wave, while turning your head and shoulders towards where you are going, full body extension. You can even spread your arms like Teddy here for better stability.

Keep turning, always keeping your eyes on where you want to go (down the line) body is in full extension here as Teddy reached the top of the wave.  You are almost vertical at this point.

As you start going down the face of the wave, you can initiate regrouping your body, starting to slightly bend your knees, pushing on your back foot to keep the nose of your board out of the water. Arms spread out for stability, balance, control.

Eyes down the line and bringing your board back under your body.

Start regrouping your body while completing the turn. Eyes always looking down the line.

Board is back under you and you start crouching to fit in the pocket. A good half of the rail is in the shoulder of the wave.

Crouch more, always looking down the line.

Bend your knees and hold the rail of the board inside the pocket. bring your arms back closer to your body.

Fully crouched, holding the rail in the pocket, pushing on your toes.

Find as much speed as possible, to stay in the barrel as long as you can, still and always looking down the line.

The safest spot to be is in the barrel. Stay crouched to disappear as long as possible.


Thanks Teddy and Tex for producing such an interesting sequence, perfect to explain every step of good skimboarding “wrap”. Share this article with your friends, let us know if you liked it and if you would like more tricks and sequences explained like this 🙂


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