Texas Blog: Career Day Thurston

A few, (5 , 10?) years back I was invited to speak to the students at Thurston Junior High on the subject of my career and what I had learned in the process. I was rewarded many times over by 20 or so nice hand written notes collected by the teacher after the experience was concluded. Here is just one, you may recognize the last name.


Dear Tex Haines,

Thank you so much for coming to career day at Thurston. I really enjoyed your presentation. The advice “be fair” was really motivating. You inspired me to become a better skimboarder. That was so cool!  how you explained how to make a skimboard. That really helped me when you gave us advice on how to be successful in careers. Thank you, and I will see you at the beach!


Kelsey Bailey


This is what we are here for. To make the world a better place. To pass on our knowledge of what worked for us, to those that are still trying to figure it out. It has been my pleasure and deep satisfaction to try and do that.

And my goal for this blog is to be helpful to the skimboarding community and to my fellow man.



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